Brewing Coffee

women in terry robe drinking coffeeWhen it comes down to it, the process of brewing coffee is pretty straightforward. All you need is water, coffee and a way to combine them. However, over the centuries this simple process has evolved and been refined to a ritual with seemingly infinite variations.

Even so, the process remains simple as its base. With the advice and instructions you'll find on these pages you be able to experiment with several different brewing methods.

As I mentioned in the history of coffee, in the early days coffee beans were often eaten whole or mixed with other food as a source of energy. It took a while for folks to develop the process of brewing coffee into a beverage.

Originally, coffee beans were simply boiled in water to produce a beverage. Boiling actually drives off some of the volatile oils and flavors that we often appreciate and coffee. Today, most experts recommend brewing coffee at a temperature of about 200°. Even so, as you'll note in the section on brewing Middle Eastern coffee, boiling is still a respected technique in many traditions.

To get started, review the general information here:

How to Brew the Best Coffee

After that, move on to some of the pages describing specific brewing techniques. Don't hesitate to try different methods. You'll probably discover several that you enjoy depending on the type of coffee you have on hand, the time of day, the characteristics you're looking for in the final cup, and even just your mood. Have fun!