Coffee Brewing Tips



happy guy getting coffeeOther pages and go into great detail on how to brew the best cup of coffee in various brewing methods. Here I want to give you some quick coffee brewing tips that apply pretty generally.





First, use quality ingredients. This is pretty straightforward with coffee: you need good quality water and good quality beans.


Use fresh coffee beans and grind them as close to when you intend to brew the coffee as you can. Use a fine grind, but not so fine that it plugs your coffeemaker or leave the sediment in your cup.


If your tap water has any sort of off taste it's a good idea to filter. I prefer filtering your own water rather than buying bottled waters for environmental reasons. You shouldn't use water that's been treated with water softeners to make coffee. In that case, you may have to buy bottled water.


Brew the coffee with water heated to 200°. If you're not using an automatic coffeemaker, you can either use a thermometer or bring the water to a boil (212°), then let it cool for a few minutes.


Keep your coffeemaker clean. Any residual from the previous batch can taint your fresh coffee.


Preheat the coffee maker with hot water.


Used plenty of coffee. A classic cup of coffee was 6 ounces, not eight. The recommended starting amount for that is 2 tablespoons of ground coffee. Today's supersized mugs obviously require more than 2 tablespoons. Use a ratio of 2 tablespoons per 6 ounces as a starting point. You may want to use more coffee, I don't recommend that you use less.


Don't keep coffee on the burner and never reheat it - heat destroys the flavor and volatile oils that characterize a good cup of coffee. If you're not going to drink all the coffee right away, keep it in a thermal carafe. Remember to preheat the carafe with boiling water before you put the coffee in.


Using these simple tips, you can make a most excellent cup of java. For more details check out How to Brew the Best Coffee and the other pages on different brewing techniques.



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