Manual Coffee Grinders

Many coffee fans enthusiastically recommend manual coffee grinders. There are several reasons for this.

Ideally, you brew coffee from beans that had been freshly roasted and ground just before using. That’s because coffee starts to lose the essence that gives it its flavor once it has been prepared for brewing. Although you can roast your own coffee at home, that isn’t realistic for most of us because the process is time consuming and requires careful attention.

However it is quite straight forward to grind coffee at home. This is important because whole beans maintain their flavor reasonable well even after roasting, but the rate of deterioration of the coffee speeds up greatly once it has been ground (increased surface area and all that).

So it’s a good idea to buy whole beans and grind them just before using.

Of course, to grind coffee you need a coffee grinder. While electric grinders are common, many people choose a manual coffee grinder to get the job done. Here’s why.

Reasons to Use a Manual Coffee Grinder

Reason 1: It does a good job. Manual coffee grinders work on the same principal as powered burr grinders. They yield a precise and even grind that you can easily adjust.

Reason 2: You can’t overheat the coffee as you grind. If you grind the coffee too aggressively the process generates heat that damages the coffee. This is mainly a problem with blade grinders, but it can also occur with powered burr grinders - they spin pretty quickly. Hand grinders turn more slowly so this isn’t an issue.

Reason 3: Manual grinders are easy on the environment. They require less raw material to begin with and because of their relative simplicity they are very durable. Buy a good one and it’s not likely you’ll ever need to replace it. In fact, many people use vintage grinders that are decades old. Also, while power grinders don’t use much electricity, they do use some. Manual grinders obviously don’t

Reason 4: Hand grinding adds to the coffee ritual. I think most of us coffee lovers have at least a little ritual associated with our coffee drinking, even if it’s only our favorite coffee mug or making a point of smelling the coffee grounds before we brew them. Ritual adds to our enjoyment. Grinding coffee by hand has a charm that pushing the button of a machine will never have. Yes, this is a matter of style, but style matters.

Reason 5: It’s affordable. While burred coffee grinders do a great job, they can be expensive. A good manual grinder can work as well as the best powered grinder at a fraction of the cost. Not only that, manual grinders are extremely durable. If you buy a good one, you'll never need to replace it.


As you can see, using a manual coffee grinder can make a lot of sense, especially if you only brew a pot or so at a time.



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