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colorful cup of coffeeImagine early morning light streaming through the kitchen window as you open the canister holding your freshly roasted beans. That first whiff of faint coffee aroma is a joy in itself.


You put the beans in your grinder and moments later that aroma is even stronger as you empty the perfectly ground coffee into your coffee maker. Before long your cradling a warm cup of perfect “joe” as you plan the upcoming day.


There’s a ritual to coffee that’s part of the pleasure of it.


Coffee really is one of life’s small-but-great pleasures. On the scale of luxury products, even “luxury” coffee is affordable. Not only is the price of admission low, it really doesn’t take any longer to brew a fantastic cup of coffee than a mediocre one. The difference is mainly a little knowledge and a bit of technique. This site is here to help you get both. The rest is up to you.


I hope you enjoy coffee is much as I do. Here you'll find fascinating stories about the history of coffee and its origins, its growth and popularity over the ages and most importantly how to select the coffee that's right for you and then prepare the perfect cup.  


As I said, one of the things I like best about coffee is that it's an affordable luxury. Today you can easily find freshly roasted specialty coffees at an affordable price. With a little care and minimal equipment you can brew a cup to rival that of the finest coffeehouse I'll admit that you can't create a perfect cup of espresso without an elaborate machine, but you can come close. 


If you're new to coffee, I explain the two different species generally available. I also go into quite a bit about the various growing regions of the world. As with grapes and wine, the coffee produced from a given variety changes with where it is grown. It's great fun to explore coffees from these different regions. 


You can also explore different brewing methods. I explain quite a few of them here and I also point you in the direction of equipment that will help you get the best possible results. 


So settle down and have fun visiting. I hope you come back often.